10 Point Environmental Plan

16 Advantages of Ozone
May 3, 2017
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Green Initiatives ➤ Resultant Saving

  1. Institute immediate energy conservation program by removing hot water from standard washing procedures in hotels, hospitals and nursing homes. ➤ Saves 80% energy consumption.
  2. Institute immediate carbon footprint reduction by reducing CO2 exhaust from hot water heaters. ➤ Participates in local environmental efforts.
  3. Institute immediate reduction of water consumption. ➤ Saves water and sewer costs.
  4. Institute immediate impact on effluent with reduction and elimination of contaminants while aiding flocculation for sewage treatment plants. ➤ Participates in reducing sewer treatment operating costs.
  5. Provide an equal or better cleaning process and teach methods of ozone process to cooperating vendors.
  6. Foster healthcare Applications with proven results in disinfection, especially for the Healthcare markets; i.e., Kills Superbugs.
  7. Create resellers and service companies to help spread the concept to the worldwide market.
  8. Implement R&D leading to patents based on intellectual property and technical enhancements.
  9. Deliver to WashOzone investors a strong return on investment.