About Us

A brief history...

Experienced Specialists

Washozone consists of a team that has been in the laundry business since 1939. With installations of Washozone throughout the world you can be assured that our products are second to none.

WashOzone ™ has become a worldwide leader in hospitality laundries and disinfection for healthcare laundries.

Quality Staff

Washozone’s staff is made up of laundry professionals, energy specialists, and project managers who all understand our clients need for quality products and quantifiable results.

We always welcome our client’s input to new ideas and applications.

Reduction of Water & Energy

WashOzone™ is accepted as a part of the Worldwide Green Initiative due to its impact on the reduction of energy and water.

Energy reduction is achieved because ozone is most effective in cold water. The degree of rise (60º to 140ºF) consumes a high amount of BTUs which is not necessary in the light soil application of washing sheets and towels. Since chemicals are used efficiently, less rinsing means using less water.

Additional Green items are noted such as a cleaner effluent, the killing of 99% of all bacteria, the reduction or elimination of noxious odors, and more.

Green Initiative Products: