Coin Laundry Ozone Sanitation Systems


The CLO Series are turn-key, air-cooled, vacuum ultra violet (VUV) radiation type ozone/water contacting systems specifically designed for coin laundry. The system incorporates complete VUV type ozone generator, system operation & function indicating control panel, venturi ozone injector with circulation water pump, water backflow prevention device, PVC or SS contacting vessel with degas valve, epoxy powder coated mild steel cabinet with SS mounting legs and with the main function of water flow switch or timer remote control & the interface for ambient ozone safe monitor. The ozone destructor is optional. The CLO series systems produce ozone in 6g/hr or 8g/hr and with the ability to supply the reasonable quantities of coin washers.



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Key Features & Benefits


  • Ozone is the most powerful oxidizer and disinfection that can be safely used in multiple industrial and commercial application
  • Saving energy, water, labor saving
  • Reduce chemical usage
  • Reduce washing and drying time
  • Improving disinfection
  • Extending linen life
  • Making the environment and linen fresh, cleaner & softer


  • Vacuum Ultra Violet (VUV) radiation Technologies
  • Full Integrated of ozone generation & contacting
  • Electrical and plumbing portions are isolated from each other
  • Equipped with hour meter to count the total working time
  • Ozone safety interlocks and ozone cell failure indicators
  • Built-in electromagnetic oil less air pumps
  • Pre-wired and pre- plumbed
  • Skid mounted with SS base

Option: SS water circulation pump Ozone Safe monitor (OSM) Ozone Destructor Dissolved ozone monitor/controller (ORP)

Model Ozone Output g/hr Water Treated Flow Power (Circulation pump not included) Min/Max Inlet Pressure Water Inlet/Outlet Connection Voltage and Ampere (Circulation pump included)
m3@1.0ppm App. dosage m3@2.0ppm App. dosage
CLO-60 6g/hr 6.0m3/hr 3.0m3/hr 360w 15/45 psi 2.0 inch inlet/outlet flange 120v,60Hz 12.5A Or 240v,50Hz 6.5A Single phase AC
CLO-80 8g/hr 8.0m3/hr 4.0m3/hr 400w